RAVEN SYMONE shocks the world with her new WIFE! That’s right the young entertainment legend is MARRIED!

In a straight forward Instagram post the Disney star revealed that she is indeed happy and married. She declares her wife as Mrs. Pearman-Maday.

This comes as a shock to folks that believed Raven’s queer admission a few years ago was merely a phase. And was a few weeks ago that an Instagram live with Da Baby sparked further doubt that the actress was still interested in women. During the live he (Da Baby) made various flirtatious gestures to the Cosby show actress. During the exchange she laughed, smiled, and even dashed a bit of I’m a boss at him. To some folks it seemed like Raven was going to take him up on the date offer. But it looks like it was just simple conversation.

Its clear 2020 has been a really heavy year. We have had one after another even to break our spirits. We long for happy moments and good news. So for Symone to give us a little sprinkle of joy its worth the party. Its Pride and a revolution for Black and brown Americans. There is hope when you see one of the most recognized black entertainers apologetically living in their truth.

Congrats Raven Symone!

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