The Juice with Maven Lee : KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY FOR BLACK WOMEN …..keep it for Breonna Taylor

Pictured: the Beautiful Breonna Taylor

Somehow the noise turns down as when the violence against black women keeps turning up. Be it domestic, misogynistic, or racially systemic. The ball gets dropped and often times never picked up again. And that just isn’t a thing that should be happening.

So let’s talk about Breonna Taylor, a young aspiring nurse murdered by local police in her own home.
At just 26 years old She was already a hero. Working in the Covid unit at her Louisville hospital.
The police bust into her door in the middle of the night with an alleged search warrant. Only to find out that they were at the wrong apartment. But not before they took her life.
Members of The Louisville Police Department Shot at Taylor more than eight times.
You heard it right. The wrong address with extremely excessive force. Did Taylor intimidate them? Of course not. And if she did they should have never been on the force if they couldn’t access a situation properly.

While her family and legal team have filed a wrongful death lawsuit so much more accountability must follow. The lawsuit details in addition to all the details above that they barged in unannounced while the alleged culprit they were looking for was reportedly already in custody.

There are no loopholes and there is no smoke to blow. The consequences should’ve came blunt, bold, firm, fast, and easy. And yet some people still don’t see the problem.

While there are many situations going on in our nation today we cannot forget to stand up for her story. We must give her story as much attention as we can. Because far too often black women in horrific situations fall victims to lost interest, outrage, and support. Many times they must have a male counterpart involved to even gain friction. It’s hurtful to see that misogyny peeks its head out even in situations of tragedy.
Say her name and don’t lose the volume.

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