America, I Can’t Breathe!

“Please, I can’t breathe…” these words spoken by yet another Black man killed by police in America. I do not have the strength to watch another Black man be treated like a savage, like his cries of pain and lack of breath somehow tickled the racist ego of a white cop cracking the whip of his “power”. I have only seen a picture of a white cop with his knee on the neck of a Black man and that was enough! Images of strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees flood my mind. I am gripped by anxiety, anger, sadness, and fear. As a Black man, I am sick and tired of seeing Black men and women murdered at the hands of cops! I would love to say that the American policing system needs to be restructured, but the reality is, America needs restructuring. When do we stop marching to prove the humanity of a people? When do cops truly start to serve and protect the people! When will black skin not be a target on our chest? America, we cannot breathe!

As I scroll through my social media, I see my Black peers express the grave sadness and anger that grips their souls. I am overcome with heaviness and again I must figure out what to do. How do we respond? We watched as white people protested shutting down the nation for the sake of the health of the people, pulling up to government buildings with their guns in hand! Yet, they all made it home… Black people protest, and you pull out your war gear! You gas us and present us as angry Black people rioting on the media! You elected a president who not only spews racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, and pretty much HATE from his mouth and twitter, he also rallied the racist masses. When does it stop? America, we cannot breathe!

The statue of liberty clearly has its foot on the necks of the masses she summons. We were not summoned; our ancestors were brought here like cargo and you still do not see us as human. SO, we learned to survive, fight, band together, and united against your systematic dehumanization and hate for the Black body. We lost great warriors during the fight. They were lynched, beat to death, raped, tossed into the Atlantic, shot, suffocated, and yet we still fight! Fighting to prove our humanity gifted to us by God! America, we cannot breathe!

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