SAVE US | artist who can change the world : St.Louis rising star HELLO JIZOO

Music hasn’t hit the same since TRL … maybe even the real 106 and Park for those of us that flipped on to see Free. The tunes flourishing on the airways just don’t invoke the fun like they use to. You see the timeless days of R&B seem long gone… Right? Sure every now and then an Icon like MISSY turns up to show us what its all about but still… is that enough?

You see for me the creativity is missing. Where are the young Busta’s at lol ! Sure folks have more money but is that really what made the video? Or was it the artist? I’d argue that the creativity , the brilliance was in the artist. They did anything with nothing. Something was different about the way they brought our emotions out. So I wondered are their artist out their with that spirit? There has to be folks in the digital era that have it. That new generation swag with the take me back vibe. And then something happen and someone said HELLO…. HELLO JIZOO

Hello Jizoo is the antidote. This creativity hip hop genius is the balance between “lets chill” and “turn up”. As I tuned in to the Verzuz battle with Luda and hometown lunatic Nelly… I thought man.. aside from scratching that band-aid on my eye we need a new revolution. And that revolution starts with artist that can really change the world. Artist like Jizoo. The ones that can cultivate music that doesn’t need to divide us. So I logged of IG and you know what I did? I binged watched the musical roller-coaster he can take you on. So my treat to you is 3 VIDEOS … plus a one I just couldn’t leave out that gave me hope that GOOD MUSIC ain’t DEAD! MANIFEST it!

  1. Sunflower ft. Drea Vocalz

2. Vital Information

3. Intrude – DREA VOCALZ ft. Hello Jizoo

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