Stop just telling folks it will be OKAY… SHOW UP sometimes Damn !

Listen can we PLEASE…. STOP commenting on people’s post who are telling you that they are battling depression with comments like. “It’s going to be okay” “pray about it” or any of these other generic responses that some of you all love to offer. You all do know that depression ends in suicide for some people right? If praying about it worked I don’t believe a person would make a post on social media for that to be the response they commonly get.

Have you ever asked the person about the situation? Do you take time to listen to? Did you send them an inbox? Did you comment because you meant it or simply because you felt it’s the trend? Do you really care? What makes you sure that everything will be okay? And how can you offer this with no information. And yes I know some of you feel guided by the spirit but everyone doesn’t have the capacity to immediately see things through your own personal lenses…. especially if they just told you they are battling depression.

Time does heal, but some things leave scars either offer your self ,or DON’T.

Sometimes taking time to think about our responses shows people that we care.

I’m not at all saying don’t support. I’m not saying don’t offer encouragement. But sometimes those kinds of responses are as ineffective as not responding at all.

…. just saying!

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