“ME VS CORONAVIRUS” Maven Lee shares his COVID19 Experience: I got into a fight with “RONA” and won ! ….. At least I think ?

Here are 14 things I did to get better:

1. Using ORANGES

I did just about anything you could do with an orange outside of something that’s too inappropriate to share. I drink orange juice. I’d eat sliced oranges. After I ate the oranges I used the peels for steaming and tea.

2. Sea Moss Gel

Sea Moss can be used in a variety of ways. A couple times I found myself thinking it was that miracle water in those infomercials. I used sea moss gel in my water, my food, my teas, and even dabbed some on my face.

3. Black Seed Oil

So of course when you hear news like I have a deadly virus that’s attacking the world you panic. You try to find and also get told every remedy known to the world. You have to decipher through things to find the real deal. Well Black Seed Oil and its healing power aren’t new to the world. Dr. Sebi believed in its abilities. After hearing from a good friend who beat the virus and then a few others I went ahead and grabbed some. I took a teaspoon twice a day in the morning and at night.

4. Echinacea

Well no I didn’t actually use the flower but I did grab 100 capsules from the health supplement store. I took about 2 to 3 a day. Its believed that it strengthens your immune system.

5. Getting Fresh Air

I know, I know they say quarantine and lock away the key. Well I did… sort of. Everyone I heard from that successfully recovered in some way got fresh air. Some folks took an isolated walk in the park, sat on their porch, or if all else failed hung out their window for an hour or so. Every time I got fresh air it felt like the bricks I was feeling on my chest lifted.

6. Honey Ginger Tea

Tea, Tea, all types of Tea.. ginger, honey, peppermint, and lemon tea! Yes I was think of that one song.. You know Boys, Boys, all kinds of Boys? Come one you know that song. But no seriously tea was my bestie. I put everything in my teas. Lemon and orange peels. Cayenne pepper, sea moss gel, and even a little lime.

7. Using Lemons

I’ve never gulped down so many lemons in my life. I was popping those jokers down like candy. Usually I require a little sugar but nope .. they slide right on down this throat. Eating the lemons and sometimes the lemon peel to would instantly open my thought and give me relief. I would also indulge in lemonade, lemons in my tea, and lemon water ever so often.

8. Peppers

I became a baby pepper eater. I bought some dipping sauces and got to going. The small green ones, the yellows, the reds, all of them. I dabbed cayenne pepper in everything. Hot stuff has never bothered me so peppers is now a weekly part of my diet.

9. Green Fruits and Veggies

So a big thing happen with green all over it. I always enjoyed my veggies even as a kid but now … I’m going green. I ate every kind of green vegetable or fruit you could imagine. Rather raw or cooked I was eating down. This has continued into my regular diet moving forward in a much more significant way.

10. Singing

Well if you know me then you can guess this one was easy….Right? Well not exactly. You see I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from music, until now that is. It took a few days but sure enough I was busted mini concerts in the shower daily. I failed at learning an instrument but hey I did sharpen these vocal chops. Using your lungs helps your lungs. While I still have an occasional rasp and breathiness in my voice, it’s still here!

11. Apple Cider Vinegar

Listen I’ve been taking a teaspoon if this since I was nine years old. My grandmother gave me “The Mother” for everything. Did it work for it all? I’m not sure but I did it. I will say it cleared my throat and gave comfort even if for a minute or two.

12. Turmeric

So Turmeric… I literally never could taste it honestly but it went in all of my food. I was taking a Turmeric capsule daily in the morning. It felt like it gave me an extra pep in my step. After taking it I felt a little happier than I was before.

13. Multivitamins

I honestly probably would have overdosed if these where some other kinds of pills. I was popping Vitamin C, D, and Zinc down like a found my addiction. I’m not telling you to do this I’m just being real.

14. Working Out

What can I say? I was already trying to get this body right. You know thick thighs and um never mind… shakes my head. It was easy for me to get into this. Of course we all don’t have at home gyms so I made it work. I ran up the stairs, I did push ups, sit ups, crunches, jumping jacks, and all that stuff. In the process I even earned my dance fitness and yoga instructor certifications. This thing tries to wear you out and you can’t let it beat you down. Do as much as your body allows unless it calls for an emergency sit your but down.

So in closing ….

These were the things that helped me through this scare yet honestly speaking profound experience. During this time I developed a new understanding of my value, life, and how to maximize your experience with it. I reconnected with old friends and distant relatives. Some folks were given resignations. Found peace with old enemies and owned up to my toxic vibrations I needed to release. I got focused and started to make things happen. Life is so unpredictable and the longer you wait to live it the more regret you may have waiting. So right now I’m still doing most of these things. I have my essential oils handy and water on deck.

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