4 Kings in Drag that will make you GAG! …. (In a Good Way)

Four Butch Queens in Drag Vogue performers you should know.

* in no particular order

4. Christian Elijah

Known as Legendary Alanah this handsome fella paved the way. He with others carried the Midwest banner all around the country. Alanah combated the stigma that drag is what I do not all I am. The drama and excitement of an Alanah battle is notorious. This BQUID performer will definitely make you GAG! (In a good way)

3. Karma Gucci

This multi talented king may be in the lineup with a couple veterans in the game but that doesn’t mean he’s no push over. When he transforms on the floor it’s like the beginning of a mortal kombat battle to the end. With charisma and eye catching personality Karma demands attention on the floor. A community advocate off the floor with sensational soulful voice this BQUID performer will definitely make you GAG! (In a good way)

2. Starr Revlon

Starr Revlon is undoubtably a household name. While there are many legends and Icons in the ball scene few if any have that “STARR” power. Yes we spelled it correctly. One of the most prolific storytellers ever to grace the floor. This fashion forward trailblazer sketched his name in ballroom in history. This dramatic BQUID performer will definitely make you GAG! (In a good way)

1. Felix J. Barrera

Known as Legendary Chloe Prodigy this steamy guy was a new standard. His vogue in and out of drag was a clean, dramatic, soft, cunt adventure. Making a statement city to city for his region, he like Alanah was another trailblazer. Aside from his beautiful to dashing good looks. Felix is an amazing make up artist that can bring out the best in you. This hot BQUID performer will definitely make you GAG! (In a good way)


It means butch queen up in drag. In the ballroom scene there is a category specific for butch queen up in drag performers. Guys like our king’s mentioned along with others like Legendary Tiny West, Makayla Lanvin, Legends Becky Revlon and Chi Chi Prodigy, Xapariis Ebony, and many more Cultivated this category and made it an essential part of ball culture. So who will we talk about in Part 2? Well you’ll just have to wait. But here’s a hint ” DRAMA” !

Catch another Drags Vogue ruler Makayla Lanvin on the new HBO Max series “LEGENDARY” May 27th

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