BADU & JILL bring back the power of NEO SOUL with the most viewed “Verzuz” battle! Over 700,000 | Maven Lee

If you missed last nights iconic “VERZUZ” battle you missed an unforgettable moment for music and it’s unwavering power. A combination of music, love, kindness, and respect was on full display.

These two soul queens brought back the essence of your soul. Reminding us of an era that should never be forgotten. And judging from the amount of views probably needs a return.

This battle produced over 700,000 viewers thus making it the most viewed battle yet. Even surpassing Baby Face versus Teddy Riley.

We saw celebrities like Adele, Missy Elliott, Janelle Monae, Stephanie Mills, Michelle Obama, Detox, Tyrese, Nas, Taraji P Henson, Tank Ball, Queen Latifah, Snoop Dogg, even Oprah Winfrey chiming in.

The nostalgia and the clear evidence that these women have impacted all generations was beautiful.

The admiration and compassion they displayed is the compass in which we all need to follow.

But who am I’m just Maven Lee … you get it though .

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